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Digital Velocity Podcast Hosted by Tim Curtis and Erik Martinez

Meet Your Hosts

Erik Martinez

Executive Vice-President / Blue Tangerine

Blue Tangerine

Erik is the Executive-Vice President and Co-owner of Blue Tangerine, a digital marketing and website development agency. As an accomplished digital marketer, his in-depth knowledge spans paid and organic search engine marketing, email marketing, website development and management, digital data-mining and analysis, and direct marketing. Erik has succeeded in managing direct and digital marketing programs for multi-channel retailers in niche home décor, running enthusiast, women's luxury apparel, food gifts, agricultural products, and business-to-business lead generation.

Tim Curtis

President and CEO / CohereOne


Tim is the President & CEO of CohereOne, a Bay Area direct-to-consumer marketing agency, and strategic consultancy, with a rapidly growing portfolio of brands focused on sustaining growth and maximizing profits.  He’s a well-known industry veteran who gets the “big picture” and possesses an established performance record.  He’s fascinated by ideas, inquisitive by nature and loves to solve problems. His mind is constantly engaged, searching for the obscure connections that link otherwise disparate phenomena. Clients love how he sorts through the clutter to find the best route and, in doing so, bring clarity and simplification to complex challenges. 

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